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Thursday, August 16, 2018
Doing Life Together...God's Way

Music Team


Praise & Worship 

Our passionate Music Team is committed to helping you experience a powerful, life- changing encounter with God. The presence of the Holy Spirit is strong in our services, and we do not want you to miss out!
Our music sets the atmosphere and invites God’s presence into our services.
Sometimes our busy lives make it difficult to shift our focus from our daily chores and devote ourselves completely to worshipping God. We tend to amplify our circumstances rather than magnify our God.  Therefore, our powerful music is designed to open every heart to the presence of the Holy Spirit, and make it sensitive to what the Spirit of God is doing that day.
Our music is also our battle cry. We are determined to win our city for Christ, just as the Israelites conquered Jericho. The sound of the trumpet preceded their victory, just as our Praise songs set the stage for our triumph over the enemy.  (Joshua 6:20-21)
If you are interested in becoming a Music team member and have a heart after God, a willingness and ability to flow with the pastor and team members please fill out our Volunteer Application. You must lead a lifestyle of worship in your private life and have an excellent relationship with our pastors.
Print and fill out our Volunteer Application and drop it off at our Guest Services, located in the lobby of the church. 

For more information please contact our church office at (650) 873-0209.